Last update date: 26 / Apr. / 2018

Article 1. Service content

  • JAPAN UNLIMITED 4G DATA SIM (hereinafter referred to as “the Service") comprises the content described at https://mayass.com/prepaid/.
  • MAYA SYSTEM Inc. can change the content of the Service. In addition, the service may be changed due to the changes of AIR-U.
  • The service is available in only Japan. The available network depends on the LTE/3G coverage of NTT docomo.
  • The communication speed may change due to communication environment and congestion situation.

Article 2. Period of service availability

  • An agreement for the use of the Service (hereinafter referred to as "Service Agreement") is deemed to be concluded when a User has established communication access through the SIM Card necessary for the use of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “SIM Card”).
  • After the parties have entered into the Service Agreement, the period of Service availability continues for the term of each plan as below.
  • (1) Eight days from the first connection. (2) Thirty-first days from the first connection.

Article 3. No transfer of rights, etc.

  • Users can not transfer the right to use the Service under the Service Agreement and the SIM Card.
  • Users can not make third parties to use of the Service.

Article 4. ID and password

  • Users are responsible for the safekeeping of the telephone number and access code information (hereinafter referred to as "ID, etc.") associated with the SIM Card. Neither must be made available for use by third parties.
  • MAYA SYSTEM can ask Users to show their ID, etc., when Users exercise rights under the Service Agreement.
  • MAYA SYSTEM is not liable for damages sustained by Users or damages caused by Users to third parties due to the theft of the ID, etc., or the SIM Card.

Article 5. Conditions of service use

The use of the Service shall be the subject to the following conditions.
(1) Users must comply with regarding the SIM Card and observe the following matters.
(i) Unless the permission of MAYA SYSTEM has been obtained, Users must not disassemble the SIM Card, and must not damage the SIM Card, reverse-engineer the software of the SIM Card, or use the SIM Card outside the normal usage applications.
(ii) Users must not take the SIM Card out of Japan without the permission of MAYA SYSTEM.
(iii) Users must exercise due care in the handling of the SIM Card.
(2) Users must return the SIM Card to MAYA SYSTEM without delay when the use of the Service has ended, irrespective of the cause, or if the SIM Card has ceased to be used due to any other reason.
(3) No replacement will be provided in case the SIM Card is lost or destroyed.

Article 6. Usage restrictions related to child pornography

MAYA SYSTEM can under the Act on Punishment of Activities Relating to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and the Protection of Children impose restrictions on communication whose purpose is access to or acquisition of child pornography.

Article 7. Service suspension

MAYA SYSTEM can suspend the provision of the Service in case of telecommunications equipment maintenance, system fault, or other unavoidable events without compensation. In such cases, MAYA SYSTEM will endeavor to give notice of the suspension through a posting, etc., on the Service website of MAYA SYSTEM

Article 8. Service termination, etc.

If a User commits any of the following acts, MAYA SYSTEM. can with respect to that User terminate the provision or restrict the use of the Service in part or in total. Specific examples are available for reference on MAYA SYSTEM website (https://mayass.com/prepaid/).
(1) In case of a breach of the duties of Users stipulated in these terms and conditions
(2) In case of use of the Service in an unlawful manner or in clear breach of public order and morals
(3) In case of use of the Service in a manner that poses a material hindrance to the direct or indirect use by persons using services provided by MAYA SYSTEM.
(4) In case of use of the Service in a manner that might damage the trust in the services provided by MAYA SYSTEM.
(5) In case of use of the Service in a manner judged inappropriate by MAYA SYSTEM, further to the instances enumerated above

Article 9. Termination of agreement

In any of the following events concerning a User, MAYA SYSTEM. can terminate the Service Agreement.
(1) If a User fails to contact MAYA SYSTEM. within 30 days after termination, etc., of use according to the stipulations of the previous Article
(2) If MAYA SYSTEM. finds after termination, etc., of use according to the stipulations of the previous Article that the cause of the termination, etc., remains unresolved on the part of the User

Article 10. Limited warranty and liability

  • MAYA SYSTEM offers no warranty in connection with the Service for the availability of communication, lag time, and such other matters concerning the quality of communication.
  • MAYA SYSTEM accepts no indemnification liability for damages, irrespective of the cause, sustained by Users in connection with the use of the Service. Except, however, that the above provision is not applicable in case the subject damage is due to bad faith or gross negligence on the part of MAYA SYSTEM.
  • If MAYA SYSTEM has indemnified a third party for damages caused to that third party by a User in connection with the use of the Service, MAYA SYSTEM. can claim compensation from the subject User for the indemnity provided by MAYA SYSTEM.

Article 11. Governing law and agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction

These terms and conditions of use must be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. In the event that litigation becomes necessary between MAYA SYSTEM and a User, the Tokyo District Court is the agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance between MAYA SYSTEM and the User.